Your Voices – One Community Together

On the 8th of July, One Community Together held their first face-to-face Community Conversation of the year, in the form of an afternoon tea. 

This event brought the Clarence Plains community together for food and fun, as well as to talk about the ideas they had for community improvements. These ideas will help guide the direction of One Community Together in the coming years. 

Around 60 people came along and took turns to sit at four interactive tables, each hosted by a team member of One Community Together. We talked about what does, or could, make the community more welcoming, proud, safe and attractive:

 “What makes you proud of Clarence Plains?” 

“What could we work on to keep our community safe?” 

“To make this community look great we need to………?” 

These questions created great discussion, ideas and suggestions. We are putting all of this information together now and will invite community members back for another conversation soon.  That’s when we will talk about how we can turn these ideas into actions and chat about the ways we can work together to create change for us all.

 The afternoon tea was a chance for One Community Together to share some exciting news about the new 26TEN Literacy and Numeracy Program that has started locally. We also introduced Finn, a Clarence Plains local who joined us as a storyteller for the Shaping the Plains Story Project. 

People told us they really enjoyed the way the community conversation was set up. It was a family-friendly event and an awesome way to come together and chat, with lots of friendly, familiar faces and a bunch of new faces as well.

 These events help One Community Together keep community at the centre of everything we do and every project that we work on together.

 We can’t wait to keep talking and sharing with you at the next Community Conversation in Feb 2022.