What would you like to see in your community in 2020?

In January, One Community Together hand delivered 3,000 postcards to people living in Oakdowns, Glebe Hill, Rokeby and Clarendon Vale. Did you get one?

We asked you to jot down what you would like to see in your community in 2020 and return your postcard to one of five letterboxes at Rokeby Neighbourhood Centre, Clarendon Vale Neighbourhood Centre, Clarence Plains Child and Family Centre, Mission Australia Housing and Grace Centre throughout January and February.

Each returned postcard went in the draw to win a $100 Woolworths Essentials Gift Card with the winning number announced on our Facebook page.

When our winner came forward, they were very generous and asked for their voucher to be passed onto another Clarence Plains local who might need it more than they did.  The One Community Together Steering Committee selected a local person and they were very thankful for this extremely kind offer.

We received 44 suggestions and comments from local people across Clarence Plains.

What did you say:-


comments were about facilities and places in Clarence Plains. More bins, footpaths and seating. The attractiveness of shopfronts and people’s homes. And ideas for improvements or new facilities.


comments about hooning and trail bikes. You asked for more to be done to reduce the incidence of hooning and trail bike use. One person suggested providing somewhere for trail bikes to be used locally.


comments about rubbish. You value the annual Clean the Plains clean-up days and Hard to Skip. You also asked for more bins and council hard waste services.

Some comments we wanted to share…

“Clarendon Vale improving by leaps and bounds – good work!”

“More recognition of ‘First Nations’ people residing in Clarence Plains”

“Residents in C/Plains given the confidence to speak up and listened to by OCT and to be willing to broaden the potential to be seen to be doing something!”

Next steps…

Our One Community Together Focus Teams are reviewing all your comments and suggestions. Some suggestions can be included in our goals and projects. Other ideas will be added to topics for bigger conversations with more people.

Our focus teams are always looking for more local people. There is a role for everyone so if you would like to get involved, please get in touch.