Position Description

One Community Together ‘Shaping the Plains’ Volunteer
Reports to: One Community Together Project Officer
Business Unit: DF&CS

Continuing our Legacy
Hobart City Mission (HCM) has been serving the people of Southern Tasmania for over 166 years. This has only been made possible through the generosity of our supporters and volunteers.

Established in 1852, HCM was the first City Mission in Australia and is the third oldest Mission in the world. HCM offers assistance to those who need it most, in the Southern Tasmanian community, by providing emotional, physical and financial support and guidance. We pride ourselves on developing innovative programs and services that empower people and enable them to participate in community life with a sense of dignity, purpose and self-reliance.

Contributing to our Work Environment
HCM’s work environment is centered around team work where we work together to provide support to each other, while as a collective we work to provide support and assistance to those in need in our local community. We respect each other, our differences, our uniqueness and we are proud to be part of an organization that brings people together to support those in need.

Demonstrating Our Values
You will be honest, ethical and transparent, building trust and positive relationships with clients, your team, and other employees across HCM.
You will be innovative and passionate and excited to be part of the HCM team who have a long proud history of providing solutions where none seem to exist, to assist those in need. We are inspired to assist those in need, regardless of circumstance and stature.

We will respect you, so you will respect yourself and your team. We work together as a professional team to accomplish great outcomes for our clients and community.

Position Overview
This volunteer position is responsible for delivery of the One Community Together project, ‘Shaping the Plains’.

The Shaping the Plains project is about building a Clarence Plains community that understands its history and recognises the people creating its future. Through the project, community residents will develop an understanding of what has shaped Clarence Plains and the people helping to shape the future. The aim of this project is to strengthen peoples ties to the area and to each other, to recognise their common humanity and value their place in creating a future together.

Project Overview
A volunteer with skills and interest in storytelling will be engaged to gather information and present it back to the community in a story/profile format. There will be two unique and engaging stories delivered each month on One Community Together’s social media platforms to increase community engagement, community connection and digital literacy in the Clarence Plains community.

One story will profile a local resident talking about a personal story/experience about something or someone that has shaped their life. Modelled on the “Humans of New York” concept, the “People of the Plains” part of the project aims to tell the stories of people from the four Clarence Plains suburbs of Rokeby, Clarendon Vale, Oakdowns and Glebe Hill. The aim is to build a common identity across Clarence Plains and help people connect with our common humanity despite our difference. Through the power of image and story, the project will capture and share the faces and experiences of the people of Clarence Plains.

A second monthly story will feature a piece of local history from the Clarence Plains area. This may be historic information on places, people, groups and/or events in Clarence Plains that have helped shape the community we have today. The History component of the project will be collated and presented to the community in creative formats in order for them to engage and find their place in the Clarence Plains story. Again, through the power of image and story, the project will build a picture of where the community has come from and the people and things that have impacted to make it what it is today.

Key Functions

  • Collate and research historical information
  • Collect stories from people – social media, neighbourhood centres, email, pop-ups
  • Collate information for presentation
  • Talk to and interview people across Clarence Plains and listen for unique stories
  • Get approval for sharing stories
  • Write and edit engaging stories
  • Take and collate photographs
  • Provide final content for social media
  • Create social media images using an agreed template


  • As the curator, you will need to be able to demonstrate excellent skills and experience in the following:
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Experience in photography and visual design
  • Empathy and listening with people from a wide range of backgrounds
  • Prior experience and knowledge across multiple social media platforms
  • Self-motivation and confidence
  • Willingness to work in a team
  • Friendly and personable
  • Ability to be discreet
  • Applicants will also need to have a relevant Working with Vulnerable People Card.