CPSC News #1: Recycle Baby!

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You would know that …

  • You have a 140 litre wheelie bin with a yellow lid to put your recycling in.
  • You have fortnightly roadside collections of recyclables on the same day as your weekly garbage service.

But did you know that …

  • Recycling protects our natural resources – by turning used materials into new products, we don’t need to take more materials from the earth through mining and forestry. This also reduces air and water pollution.
  • Recycling saves energy – using recycled materials takes far less energy than creating new products from raw materials
  • Recycling reduces landfill – creating new products from recyclable materials means less rubbish is being sent to landfill sites
  • Collected recyclables are taken to a Materials Recovery Facility where they are sorted and made ready for recycling into new products.

What Can I Put in My Recycling Bin (after I have cleaned the food bits off it)?

  • Glass bottles and jars only – Do not break
  • Aluminium cans and clean foil trays – Do not crush
  • Steel cans
  • Milk, cream and juice cartons – Do not flatten
  • Plastic beverage, food and non-food containers
  • Clean Cardboard
  • Clean newspaper, magazines, junk mail and office paper

 You Can’t Recycle the Following Items

  • No plastic bags
  • No motor oil, acid, solvent or chemical containers
  • No meat trays or foam trays
  • No squeeze-tube toothpaste or squeeze-tube shampoo containers
  • No polystyrene or foam
  • No plant pots or trays
  • No cigarette cartons or packets
  • No cardboard pizza or take away food boxes
  • No drinking glass, window glass, light bulbs or broken glass
  • No ceramics, pottery, cookware or crockery
  • No clothing or shoes
  • No rubbish or other waste, either garden or household


Clarence City Council, Kerbside Wheelie Bin Recycling Service