Launch of the 26TEN Community Project: Parents, Families and Carers – Learning for our Kids

On Monday 4th April, members of the Clarence Plains community gathered at the Grace Centre in Rokeby to launch the 26TEN Community Project: Parents, Families, Carers-Learning for our kids. 

After a moving acknowledgement of country from Aboriginal Early Years Education Worker Nerrissa Waterfield, participants undertook an activity to experience first-hand what it might be like to live with a reading disability. People shared their feelings of anxiety and distress after they struggled to read a piece of text that was partially in code.

Community Learning Coordinator at the Clarence Plains Child and Family Learning Centre, Kate Bond talked about some of the reasons and challenges for low literacy and numeracy in the community. Sarah Lindenmayer from 26TEN explained that 48 percent of Tasmanians do not have the skills they need to access services for daily life, but that small steps can make a huge impact. 

We heard about one of the current tutors who works with a learner in the Centre, and how the learning journey goes both ways. The evening ended with the graduation of new volunteer tutors who were awarded certificates. These tutors are now ready to work with learners who are needing help with reading, writing or maths. We’re so pleased to have them involved in the program!

The project Parents, Families and Carers – Learning for our Kids provides:

  • Support for adult learners in literacy, maths and digital literacy at Clarence Plains Child and Family Learning Centre.
  • Provision of TAFE Community Courses and weekly Rosny Library digital literacy sessions.
  • Cooking sessions for numeracy and literacy.
  • Literacy Awareness workshops to raise awareness of the reasons for and the challenges faced by those with low literacy.
  • Information about Employer grants.
  • Information about 26TEN Membership
  • Plain English workshops.

To find out more about 26TEN, please take a look at the 26TEN website .

If you know of anyone who may need support with reading, writing or maths, please let them know about the program. For more information call the Clarence Plains Child and Family Learning Centre on 6246 6444 or call Kate directly on 0401 931 335.