Hard to Skip 5.0 was another great success!

Our community took the time to clean out nearly 60 cubic metres of hard waste into the skip bins placed at our Neighbourhood Centres on Wednesday the 15th of May between 9.00am and 2.00pm.

Two legendary local volunteers collected waste items from the homes of 25 residents who needed assistance and this time, we got a bit green and took all the white goods and much of the cardboard separately to be recycled.

Things you told us: –

–          “it’s an awesome program but should be run more often”

–          “this is a great gig, used it last time and have been hanging on to all my junk until the next one”

–          “I’m dropping off my mum’s rubbish cause she’s at work, will you be running one on a weekend?”

–          “The bins full! You guys should do this more often”

–          “my mate can’t make it today but I said I’d ask when the next one is, do you know?”

–          “Why don’t we get two bins in? there’s still 2 hours to go and the bins nearly full”

–          “I think this should run weekly or maybe monthly, would make everyone’s yards look heaps better”

–          “we should have a pile next to the bin for stuff that could be reused, people could look through it and then at the end of the day we could chuck what’s left into the bin”

–          “Are there anymore tyres? I want to use them in my garden”

–          “Can I pull this shelf out of the bin and keep it?

–          “when’s the next one?”