Community Spaces  

You, the community for Clarence Plains, have said that you want your suburb to be an attractive place that has a better look and safer feel.  The Community Spaces group is about, bit by bit, doing what it takes to create this sort of place for the community to live and play in.

There is a lot this group is focussing on from cleaning up the rubbish and wrecks in the community to creating family friendly parks to trying to get more lighting and better pathways throughout Clarence Plains.

We are taking on several issues at the moment.  These are:

  • Working with Council to see the wrecks at the northern end of Clarendon Vale removed
  • Planning for the next community clean up in October
  • Talking to Council about plans for park areas in the Clarence Plains area
  • Requesting Council to put more public rubbish bins through to suburbs
  • Working with Mission Australia Housing, to see what it would take to close some of the laneways in Rokeby

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us using the website.  With your help we could do much, much more …