Communicating Progress 

Against Top 10 

“Community Spaces” Priorities 

In March 2016, the “One Community Together” (OCT) “Community Spaces” team surveyed sixty (60) local residents to find out what their top ten (10) priorities were when it came to improving the Community’s public spaces.  The top ten (10) priorities from the “Community Input Survey” are:

  • Illegal trail biking and illegal and dangerous driving of vehicles on streets, parks and bushland.
  • Picnic areas & non-coin operated barbeques for the Community & Clarence Plains visitors to use.
  • Develop a sustainable and affordable garden/lawn maintenance service for elderly or people with a disability.
  • Increase the number of public waste and dog waste bins available in Clarendon Vale and Rokeby.
  • For there to be an increase in visible Police patrol and unmarked Police cars.
  • Continue to support the CLARENCE PLAINS SPRING CLEAN event held annually in October and a simultaneous clean-up of litter on Goodwins Road and provision of skip bins a number of times per year.
  • Improving Lighting and Footpaths.
  • Indication for a need of larger Recycling & Garbage Wheelie Bins.
  • Car Wrecks to be removed a in a timely manner as they appear.
  • Indication of a need for traffic calming measures; especially along Tollard Drive (adjacent to Neilson Park and Rokeby Neighbourhood Centre) and Mockridge Road (especially adjacent to Clarendon Vale Primary School, Clarence Plains Child and Family Centre and the Social Heart Park).

Priority #6

Continue to support the CLARENCE PLAINS SPRING CLEAN

Twenty Seven (27) out of Sixty (60), forty five percent (45%), of Clarence Plains Community Residents indicated that they would like to see a continued support for the Clarence Plains Spring Clean.

The first ever CLARENCE PLAINS SPRING CLEAN was held on Saturday 17th of October 2015, with ninety four (94) people, including seventy (70) locals [seventy five percent (75%)] volunteering their time, removing approximately twelve (12) cubic metres of rubbish from Clarendon Vale and Rokeby!!

Clarendon Vale 2015: 40 Volunteers

Rokeby 2015: 54 Volunteers

After the success of the first spring clean, EVEN MORE PEOPLE, one hundred and five (105), including fifty six (56) locals [fifty three percent (53%)], voluntarily came together once more on Saturday 15th of October 2016 for the second CLARENCE PLAINS SPRING CLEAN, removing approximately fifty (50) cubic metres of rubbish from Clarendon Vale and Rokeby!!! 

Clarendon Vale 2016: 40 Volunteers (27 locals/67%)

Rokeby 2016: 65 Volunteers (29 locals/44%)

On Saturday 7th of October 2017, an AMAZING, one hundred and six (106) volunteers, including sixty (60) locals [fifty six (56%)], came together for the third CLARENCE PLAINS SPRING CLEAN, removing approximately forty five (45) cubic metres of rubbish and forty two (42) tyres taken to a tyre recycling facility.

Clarendon Vale 2017: 37 volunteers (22 locals/59%)

Rokeby 2017: 69 Volunteer (38 locals/55%)

With the HUGE SUCCESS of the first three SPRING CLEANS, One Community Together’s Community Spaces team are enthusiastically committed to supporting the CONTINUATION of the Clarence Plains Spring Clean ANNUALLY in OCTOBER!

So please put SATURDAY OCTOBER 20TH 2018 in your diary for the fourth (4th) CLARENCE PLAINS SPRING CLEAN, “One Community Together” appreciate the ongoing support of the Clarence Plains Community in working together to build a SAFER CLARENCE PLAINS THAT IS WELCOMING, ATTRACTIVE AND PASSIONATE ABOUT THE FUTURE!!  So let’s all work at making the fourth Spring Clean the BIGGEST ONE YET, by encouraging all of your friends and family to get involved!!