Our 26TEN Program

Did you know that nearly half of all Tasmanians have trouble with everyday reading, writing and maths?  This can make it hard for people to fill in forms, understand medical notes, get a driver’s license or read the news.  It can make it hard to manage a normal day, at work or at home.

Community members told us that they want to be able to help their kids with their homework and read them bedtime stories. They want them to enjoy learning and learn with them too.  

One Community Together heard these concerns and looked for a way to provide support. We applied for funding from the adult literacy organisation, 26TEN, and were pleased to be given the money to get a program up and running.

The funding pays for a Program Coordinator to organise training of volunteer tutors, chat with community members and people who want to increase their skills, match tutors to adult learners, and run awareness workshops with schools and organisations.  The coordinator position was originally 2 days a week but has been so successful, extra funding has been secured and is now full time. You’ll find Coordinator, Kate, based at the Clarence Plains Child & Family Learning Centre. 

You may be interested in one of the following workshops:

  • Literacy Awareness workshops talk about the community need for support with reading, writing and maths, and explain why this has become a problem for so many Tasmanians.  There are lots of opportunities for movement and discussion in this interactive workshop.  
  • Plain English workshops talk about how important it is to create forms, flyers, posters and letters that are easy to read for all the community, including those who find reading a challenge.  It is a hands-on workshop and is a real eye opener for those using the written word as part of their day-to-day work. 

In addition to the workshops, 20 adult learners from the Clarence Plains community are now having one-on-one learning sessions with their tutors. The tutors chat with the learner to find out what their goals are and work out how to best support them in reaching those goals. Some learners want to find work, some want to find a different job to the one they already have, some want to go back to study and some even want to write their life story.

We have tutors ready and waiting to be matched with a learner. If you would like some help with your reading, writing, maths, or would like to arrange a workshop, or would like to hear more about becoming a tutor, please feel free to phone Kate on 6246 6444. We are here to help.